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ashley. twentyone. theatre/education major. virginia. some of my favorite things are one piece, doctor who, red vs blue, roosterteeth, samurai champloo, heroes, lost, the office, the league. i also like animal crossing and pokemon! sadly, i only have a gamecube emulator for animal crossing, and not the game for 3ds, but i do have pokemon x! i really do play pokemon x a lot so add me please! i have a water safari with quagsire, bibarel, and azumarill; my friend code is 0404-7367-4014. don't forget to message me yours so i can add you back! and feel free to talk to me! i'm nice, and think i'm a pretty good conversationalist c: i like friends!
i was born out of a sunset ☀

Great day was great <3(: #kingsdominion #fantasticday